Traditional Glam vs. Classic Modern: Aerin Lauder's Homes

A fantastic book by one of my favorite architects and designers is The Home Within Us by Bobby McAlpine.  What is the home within you?  The homes within me are many and varied in style.    Fortunately, as a designer, I can live vicariously through the spaces I design and experience creating in many styles.  Aerin Lauder has the luxury of having several homes to express her different design styles.  Lauder's East Hampton dining room in comparison to the dining room of her Manhattan apartment is a fabulous example of both the contrast and the continuity of my two favorite design styles, Traditional Glam and Classic Modern. 

Traditional Glam

Aerin Lauder's East Hampton Home via Elle Decor
Classic Modern

Aerin Lauder's Manhattan Apartment via Elle Decor


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