Fall Project Color Palette: Cantaloupe

Nancy and I were brainstorming for a new project we will be working on this fall, when she suggested using the color of the inside of a cantaloupe. I said, "What?...A cantaloupe?..Are you crazy?". Nancy began describing the shades of cantaloupe from light to deep...and high laquer walls in that fabulous shade. I was sold.

I used to have a small Hermes orange gift box tied with the Hermes signature chocolate ribbon on our work table for inspiration. Of course, we have used that color palette before but I have never used the softer palette of cantaloupe. So once again, my brain was on again, scanning and searching for the color cantaloupe. So here is my "look book". I called Nancy, "Is this it..is this the cantaloupe?". "You got it.", she said. Thank god, I thought, I'm tired of searching for cantaloupes.

Photo: Designer, Kelly Wearstler

Photo: Hermes Source: http://www.handbagcomment.com

Photo: Thibault Jean for Veranda, Designer, Suzanne Kasler

Photo: http://www.rawepicurian.com

Photo: Veranda Cover

Photo: Christian Louboutin Source: http://www.agiftwrappedlife.blogspot.com

Photo: House Beautiful, Ina Garten

Photo: Arthur Elgort, Vogue UK Source: http://www.dustjacketattic.blogspot.com

...and a few examples of the classic Hermes color palette.

Photo: Designer, Windsor Smith

Source: http://www.browneyedbelle.blogspot.com

Photo: Aerin Lauder, House Beautiful

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